What's in my Purse?? 2013

Today I am going to share with you guys what is in my purse! I did the same thing on my YouTube channel, so if your are interested in that then click HERE. I went into a bit more detail in the video, so make sure you check it out!

This is my purse! I know you can't actually see it, but it has a long cross-body strap which I absolutely love because it  makes it so much easier to carry around!
This is the back.
This purse actually has 11 pockets! All those pockets make it so much easier to store all of my things and to help keep it organized.
Obviously you can tell what the Burt's Bees lip balm is, but the other odd sphere shaped thing is actually a lip balm! I will admit it is not my favorite, but it tastes like vanilla:)
These are my new Polaroid ear buds that I received for Christmas and they are a necessity for my everyday life! 
This is my non-smart phone, which I believe is the new smart phone.
Altoids are some of my favorite minty candies and the adorable  owl is my iPod!
This is pretty self explanatory... YUM!
In the back, button pocket I have my Kleenex and a pair of my sunglasses!
This is my wallet and change purse! My change purse is pretty much my on-the-go wallet.
Inside my change purse I have my temps, my Love & Toast lip balm, some spare contacts and a nickel!
As you can see the inside of my wallet has adorable pink and white polka dots!
Finally we have my keys!
Hope you enjoyed! If you like the cute popsicle pattern in the background, then click HERE to find out what it actually is and how to make it!

Hannah xoxo


  1. I love these post's. Your sphere lipbalm looks very interesting.

    Much Love: http://razzledazzleandrocknroll.blogspot.co.uk/


  2. Do you live in Ohio? I lived their for about 10 years :D you're lucky you get your permit at 15. Where I love now you have to be 16 :( One more year for me.

    1. Don't worry! Once you get your temps, the time will fly by until you are able to get your license!:)

  3. cool post!


  4. Great post, I enjoyed reading it :)
    Love, Anna