DIY Pillow

I saw this idea on Pinterest and I think it is supper cute!

1st Step: Iron 2 sheets of white fabric so it is nice and smooth.

2nd Step: Cut both pieces of fabric so they are the same size.

3rd Step: Find song lyrics or a favorite quote and start writing it on 1 of your pieces of  fabric.

4th Step: Put the right sides (the pretty sides) together and sew around the edges. Then flip right side out.

5th Step: When you sew your pillow make sure you leave a 3-4 inch opening.  Now fill the pillow with stuffing!

6th Step: Sew the gap together and enjoy your new pillow!
On the pillow I wrote some of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs by One Direction called What Makes You Beautiful!
Hannah xoxo


NOTD: Butterflies!

These nails are inspired by monarch butterflies! The ring finger is a butterfly wing and the rest of the nails just have black polish with white spots.
Quick Tip: I did the black lines using a black liquid eyeliner brush because I don't have a nail brush:)

Hannah xoxo

2. Colored Skinny Jeans

Where I go to school, today is the official first day of spring break (not including the previous weekend)! We don't usually travel anywhere over spring break, so today I was just sitting around being pretty bored when I decided to do an outfit of the day. No one was home but my 9 year old sister, so she took these pictures for me and they are actually pretty good (not that I'm surprised). Anyway, I have been loving the colored jean trend this spring, especially the pastel colored ones. Mine are a pale peach, distressed skinny jeans that I rolled up to be capris and I purchased from JC Pennys. Hope you like the pics!

Hannah xoxo


NOTD: Spring Inspired

These nails are perfect for spring! They make me feel so happy when I look at them because it seems to me that they are the perfect spring colors. I recommend trying this nail look if you want something to brighten your day:)
(The orange is actually pink! The lighting must of been odd)
 I also got my bangs cut! They were getting so long and always in my face so I decided to go for "Audrey Hepburn" bangs. They are now short, swooped, and choppy! When they were first cut I was a little surprised at how different I thought I looked, but know I have grown to love them! I love doing new stuff to my hair and this was the perfect way to change up my look for the spring. Here is a picture of what they look like now↓
Hannah xoxo