Winter Inspiration

It snowed!!!! Yesterday was our first snow and I am super excited! I thought the snow was beautiful and so later on this week I will do a makeup look inspired by these pictures. Here are the pictures I took!

Hope you liked those! I have 2 more pictures that aren't of snow, but I think they are just super pretty and colorful (sorry they are blurry) so I hope you like those as well...



Top Knot (HOTD)


If your wondering, HOTD, stands for....Hair Of The Day! This is a look that has been seen on a lot of celebrities and a look that I personally love! You can use it for special occasions or you can make it look a little messier and wear it with a casual outfit. Here is a simple way to achieve this look:

All you have to do is put your hair into a high ponytail and make sure your hair is very smooth and all sides are brushed out. I have shorter hair, so all I have to do is put my hair in a bun. If you have longer hair or you want to go for a more formal look then I recommend twisting your hair after it is in the ponytail until it forms a bun, so that way it has a cleaner look. If you do that technique, than just bobby pin the bun and wrap a discreet hair tie around the bun. After that just hairspray your hair and bobby pin any stray pieces!

Hope you enjoy!


NOTD: Pink Candy Cane Nails

 The holidays are coming up and I can NOT wait! One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is eat candy canes! This nail design is inspired by candy canes and they are super cute and easy. All I did was paint my nails white and then I took a toothpick and dipped it in pink polish and dragged it across my nails in diagonal stripes (you can use a red nail polish for the stripes, but I think the pink adds a cute girly touch).  After the stripes I dipped a makeup brush into a jar of cosmetic sparkles and dusted them over my nails. Finally I sealed everything with a top coat and then I was done!

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!



My Favorite Ways To Accessorize A Sweater

 I love wearing sweaters! Especially when the weather starts getting colder. I personally think sweaters don't need much accessorizes but I do like to add a couple things that make the sweater have a little more personality. (BTW all the sweaters are from JCPenny's!)

The first sweater is one of my favorites. You cant really see in the picture but on the left shoulder it has some really nice button detailing. For accessorizes I just added an orange skinny belt that I got from JCPenny's.

The second sweater is also very cute. It's just simple stripes so I added a pink and gold necklace to add some color. I got the necklace at American Eagle.
This sweater obviously doesn't need any extra color so I didn't accessorize it that much. But, I really do LOVE the colors they remind my of a happy fall day:)

These two things I wore in all the pictures. The boots I got from JCPenny's and I love how soft they are and I love how they look like sweaters! The feather earrings are my favorite earrings because of how delicate they are but they still have a certain edge to them because they are feathers. The earrings are from American Eagle!

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful!


NOTD: Autumn Inspired Nails

For this nail tutorial I really wanted to incorporate autumn because of all the gorgeous colors. You can use any colors but I will be using a deep red and a shimmery gold. Hope you enjoy!

What You Need:
2 different nail polishes
A clear polish/top coat
A makeup sponge

1st Step: Apply your first color onto your nail. I'm using SpaRitual in the shade Epicurean Shimmer.
1st Step

2nd Step: Put a small amount of your second nail polish on your sponge and start dabbing it on your nail. Put the most on the tip of your nail and then use less polish the farther you go down. I'm using Bonita in the shade Treasure Chest.

3rd Step: After you let your nail dry for about 5 minutes, apply your top coat. I'm using Love & Beauty Clear Coat.         

Hope you like your nails! Bye!
2nd Step
Finished Look<3


Cute Fall Outfit!

Cute Fall Outfit!

MbyM blazer, €90
Twenty8Twelve cut out jeans, £54
Gucci lace up bootie, $819
Graffic Burgundy Amanda T Shirt, £9.99

This is a very cute outfit that was inspired by autumn. Blazers are everywhere this season and so I incorporated this burnt orange one in this post. I absolutely love the tribal print shirt and the brown ankle boots! The colors are gorgeous and they really help make the blazer a little less dressy and more casual. Hope you enjoy!


Costume-Cute Challenge

Costume-Cute Challenge

Fairground dress
$129 - generalpants.com.au

Anniel ballerina shoes
€109 - zenggi.com

GAP hair bow accessory
$12 - gap.com

Target:Women's Sassy Blue Dress Alice Costume
$42 - target.com

Hi guys! So this is a response to The Fashion It List (www.thefashionitlist.blogspot.com) who made this challenge to make a cute outfit from a halloween costume. This is what I thought would be a cute outfit from an Alice in Wonderland costume. I made this on Polyvore. Hope you enjoy!