Kendall and Kylie Jenner Makeup

This makeup was inspired by their appearance in a recent issue of Teen Vogue. I love how simple and summery their makeup is. My favorite part is the lips because they are a gorgeous pink coral color. I had a great time doing this, so I hope you guys like it!

These are my inspiration:

Here is what I did:

Like I said before it was really simple! Here are my steps:
1. Apply foundation and a powder, so that your skin has that flawless look.
2. Apply 2 neutral eye shadows, with a light color on the inner half and a color that is a tad darker on the outer half.
3. Apply a black liquid liner on your upper lash line and then put a black eyeshadow on top of it to soften it out.
4. Now take a black pencil liner and line your water line making sure to bring the line all the way to your inner corners.
5. Apply your mascara. Try to keep it natural looking.
6. Now for my favorite part... Apply a coral pink lipstick!

Hannah xoxo


DIY: Eyeshadow Nail Polish

Yes, you read the title right! This is DIY nail polish that is super easy and quick to make (including putting it on, it only took 5 minutes). All you need is:

1. An eyeshadow. I used an old shadow that was already crumbled up.
2. A clear polish. I recommend using an inexpensive one because depending on how much you make, it will run out quickly.
3. Something to stir your mixture with. I used a coffee stirrer thing...

First put a small amount of eyeshadow onto any surface you don't mind getting nail polish on. I had used the lid of my eyeshadow.
Next pour in a decent amount of clear polish into your shadow. Try to make it as creamy as you can, so that it matches the consistency of a normal nail polish.
Finally paint it on your nails and enjoy your beautiful matte polish!

P.S. I have no idea if this can last over a long period of time so unless you want to test it out, I would just make a small amount:)
P.P.S. I found this idea on Pinterest, so this is not my original idea.

Hannah xoxo


NOTD: Shimmer, Shimmer

This nail polish is a color by OPI called Significant Other Color. It is a beautiful color, but it is very hard to describe. It is a mix of pink, purple, green, and gold.

Hannah xoxo


NOTD: Neutral with a pop of color!

This is just a simple nail look using a neutral grayish color and a brilliant blue!

Hannah xoxo

1. Purple Lace

This outfit is very simple and just consists of a t-shirt and a necklace. But the sleeves on the shirt are this gorgeous lace material and the necklace is a vintage looking camera! This is a very casual outfit, but I think it is cute nonetheless<3

Vintage looking camera necklace

Close up on the sleeve: lace detailing

Hannah xoxo