DIY: Eyeshadow Nail Polish

Yes, you read the title right! This is DIY nail polish that is super easy and quick to make (including putting it on, it only took 5 minutes). All you need is:

1. An eyeshadow. I used an old shadow that was already crumbled up.
2. A clear polish. I recommend using an inexpensive one because depending on how much you make, it will run out quickly.
3. Something to stir your mixture with. I used a coffee stirrer thing...

First put a small amount of eyeshadow onto any surface you don't mind getting nail polish on. I had used the lid of my eyeshadow.
Next pour in a decent amount of clear polish into your shadow. Try to make it as creamy as you can, so that it matches the consistency of a normal nail polish.
Finally paint it on your nails and enjoy your beautiful matte polish!

P.S. I have no idea if this can last over a long period of time so unless you want to test it out, I would just make a small amount:)
P.P.S. I found this idea on Pinterest, so this is not my original idea.

Hannah xoxo

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