Melted Crayon Art

I first saw this idea when I was looking at DIY crafts on Pinterest. Then I saw a how to do it on YouTube and I absolutely loved how it looked! Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Gather a bunch of crayons and glue them to a canvas board. You can put them in order of the colors in the rainbow, or you can do what I did, which is use a certain shade to go with a theme. My theme was the trees and the great outdoors:)
Step 2: Turn your hairdryer on high and melt the crayons! Just prop the board up and watch the crayons drip!
Step 3: When you are finished melting the crayons, wait for your beautiful piece of artwork to dry (It actually dries really fast)! Then you can be finished or you can take black paint and paint a little design or a scene. I made this for my friend, so I painted a girl swinging because the girl I made it for LOVES to be outside and swing!<3
So, above is the finished project! I hope you guys try this out and have as much fun making it as I did!

Hannah xoxo


NOTD: Leopard Print Nails

When I first saw this nail look I thought it would be very hard to do, but it is actually really simple! All you do is paint your nails a base color and then put random blobs of paint on them. After that dries, you paint random outlines of dark polish around the colored dots with a toothpick and seal with a top coat! This look is so cute and I love how it looks!

Hope you enjoy!<3

Hannah xoxo


People's Choice Award: BOLD Colors

People's Choice Award: BOLD Colors
Bold colors were everywhere at the Awards! I absolutely love all of their choices in color and styles, especially Nina Dobrev's outfit.  I love the color and the detailing on the sleeve!


NOTD: Silver and Blue Nails

This is a nail look that I did by using a silver polish and a blue nail art pen! I had never used a nail art pen,but I really like them and I feel like they are VERY easy to use. So I hope you enjoy these pictures!

-If you want to know the nail art pen that I used, please leave a comment below-

Hannah xoxo