The Tonytail

So The Tonytail is something I got for Christmas and I think it is really cool! Most people can do this with their normal hair, but because my hair isn't that thick or long it is hard to do. All the tonytail is, is fake hair on a hair tie so that when you put it in it looks like you spent forever wrapping your hair around your ponytail. Here is what it looks like when you buy it:
 And this is what it looks like when you wrap it in your hair:

-You can purchase this at Sephora-

Hannah xoxo


NOTD: Holiday Nails!

This is a look that is very pretty look that is perfect for the holidays and especially good for Christmas (which is in 7 days!)!  So I hope you enjoy these pictures of my nails!

The nail polishes I used are SpaRitual in the shade Epicurean and Love&Beauty Clear Coat. After I painted the red color on, I dipped the tips of my nails in sparkles<3

Hope you liked this!

Hannah xoxo


Winter Wonderland Makeup

Here is the makeup look that I said I was going to do when I did my last post about the snow. Its pretty simple but I think it is really pretty and fun! It is inspired by the snow and the cold winter weather. Here it is!

The first thing I did was just apply a shimmer eyeshadow to my inner corners to brighten up my eyes.

Next I took a white shimmer cream shadow and applied it on my lids to act as a base for the sparkles.

I now applied cosmetic sparkles to my eyelid  using an eyeshadow brush. The sparkles represent the snow!

Then I put on a black liquid liner on my upper lash line. I like to use the liquid because it looks cleaner and more smooth.

Next I took a turquoise pencil eyeliner and applied it on my lower lash line. It represents the cold weather!

Last I took my mascara and applied it on my upper lashes and just a little on my lower lashes.

I really like this look and I hope you guys do to!

Hannah xoxo