NOTD: Cute Gradient Nails

This is a really cute (and easy!) nail design that you can use with any colors but in this tutorial i will be using a dark blue, turquoise, and a shimmery gold. Hope you enjoy!

What You Need:
3 different nail polishes
A base/top coat
A sponge
1st Step

 First Step: Apply your first coat of nail polish. I am using O.P.I in the shade Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!
Second Step: Put a small amount of your 2nd polish on your sponge and start dabbing it 2/3 the way down your nail. I am using Hard as Nails in the shade Marine Scene.
2nd Step
Third Step: Using your 3rd color put it on the sponge and dab it on the tip of your nail. I'm using Bonita, the shade Treasure Chest. 
 Fourth Step: Apply your top coat  after you let the colors sit for about 5 minutes. I'm using Love & Beauty Clear Coat.
Finished Look

Hope you like your nails! Bye!




Hi, my name is Hannah and I am 14 years old! This is going to be the start of  my fashion blogs! I will be posting about clothes, makeup, and nail designs. I will be doing outfit of the day, the "in" styles, cute makeup looks for different occasions, and some really cool nail designs. Feel free to leave comments below. Enjoy my blog!