I Got A...

TWITTER! So I got a Twitter... be jelly. Yep that's right! I am an official tweeter and I couldn't be more excited:) It would be totally awesome of you to check it out, right HERE, so you can see what my life is all about! I made it specifically for this blog and my YouTube channel. Now you guys will know what I'm up to! Hope you enjoyy<3
Hannah xoxo


I Need More Butter | Nails

The rumors are true. I have a new obsession with Butter London polishes! I started purchasing them because one of my new year's resolution was to stop buying as many of cheap, little things and start buying less, and possibly more expensive, but mostly better quality things. Although the polish is quite pricey at $14 I think it is definitely worth it. At the moment I have 8 colors - Union Jack Black, Blagger, Victoriana, Knackered, Fairy Lights, Yummy Mummy, Trout Pout, and Snog - and they are seriously my favorite nail polishes. As you apply them on your nails they seem to glide on as smooth as butter and I am able to keep it on my nails for up to a week without the dreadful feeling that the polish is going to peel off. Below I have pictures of all the polishes I own, along with their names, so you can see how they look and get an idea of the color (That's another thing! The color in the bottle looks the exact same on your nails!).

If you love these colors, but aren't quite sure you want to fork over the money, start looking for sales! I have found the most luck at Ulta because they tend to have buy one get one half off sales as well as cutting the price down to $9. If any of you have suggestions of colors for me to try out or you have any questions, please leave them below!
Hannah xoxo