Tank: Aeropostale // Shorts: Target // Cardigan: Theory

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Stars and Stripes | NOTD

I love the creative pattern on my nails today! I feel like the small star and stripes details give the normal Fourth of July mani a cool twist.

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P.S. Sorry for the extreme lack of posts! I shall be posting more soon, but if you want to see more of me then just check out my YouTube channel at AmourHannah!


I Got A...

TWITTER! So I got a Twitter... be jelly. Yep that's right! I am an official tweeter and I couldn't be more excited:) It would be totally awesome of you to check it out, right HERE, so you can see what my life is all about! I made it specifically for this blog and my YouTube channel. Now you guys will know what I'm up to! Hope you enjoyy<3
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I Need More Butter | Nails

The rumors are true. I have a new obsession with Butter London polishes! I started purchasing them because one of my new year's resolution was to stop buying as many of cheap, little things and start buying less, and possibly more expensive, but mostly better quality things. Although the polish is quite pricey at $14 I think it is definitely worth it. At the moment I have 8 colors - Union Jack Black, Blagger, Victoriana, Knackered, Fairy Lights, Yummy Mummy, Trout Pout, and Snog - and they are seriously my favorite nail polishes. As you apply them on your nails they seem to glide on as smooth as butter and I am able to keep it on my nails for up to a week without the dreadful feeling that the polish is going to peel off. Below I have pictures of all the polishes I own, along with their names, so you can see how they look and get an idea of the color (That's another thing! The color in the bottle looks the exact same on your nails!).

If you love these colors, but aren't quite sure you want to fork over the money, start looking for sales! I have found the most luck at Ulta because they tend to have buy one get one half off sales as well as cutting the price down to $9. If any of you have suggestions of colors for me to try out or you have any questions, please leave them below!
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Rose Gold | NOTD

Today my nails are this gorgeous rose gold color by OPI and on my ring finger I used a nail stamp kit to stamp an intricate flower pattern onto my nail!

Hope you enjoyed!<3
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My Valentine's Day Makeup

Happy early Valentine's Day!! I'm going to go ahead and show you guys a couple pictures of the makeup I am planning on wearing this Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is a great holiday for experimenting with different colors because if you are anything like me, then you don't wear a lot of colorful eye makeup! You can see that I chose to go with a pink eye shadow with an undertone of purple as well as a pink lip. I would love to hear what makeup YOU will be wearing, so feel free to leave a comment below!

Hope you enjoyed!<3
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Galaxy | NOTD

Like I said in my last post, I am going to show you guys how the Butter London polish turned out! And let me just say I looooove it! Both colors (Union Jack Black and Knackered) go on your nails so incredibly smooth and the colors both match the color in the bottle perfect.

Union Jack Black is a simple jet black color with an extremely smooth consistency. It took me 2 coats to get the polish to be opaque, but that isn't to bad considering the fact that both coats were pretty thin.

Knackered is a very unique polish in the fact that it is a pale lavender green duochrome with flecks of glitter and is unlike any other polish I have run into. It is a very sheer polish, but can be layered to become opaque. Personally I am glad it is sheer because when I layered it on top of the black, it really made my nails look as though a galaxy was printed on them!

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Mini Haul

This weekend my skating team had a competition up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I had a blast with my friends and we skated really well! Like I said in my last post, my birthday was on the 21st and my friends birthday was on the 17th, so at this competition we did a little gift exchange and gave each other our birthday presents! I am going to go ahead and show you guys those right now:

Pale blue, statement necklace from Forever 21!

Cute, little charm necklace from Forever 21!

Forever 21 polish in the color, Coral!
After the competition was over, my mom and I drove over to Ann Arbor, Michigan and had a great time! We stayed at the cutest Bed & Breakfast called Burnt Toast Inn, ate dinner at a fantastic Italian restaurant, as well as went shopping! We went to a few stores and I will show you what we bought now:
I got my first Butter London polishes!! I purchased it at a shop called, Lily Grace and one of the employees, Madeline, helped me pick out these two beautiful colors in the shades Union Jack Black and Knackered. Madeline told me that if I layer the silvery one on top of the black my nails will turn out with a lovely galaxy look. I will definitely share with you guys how much I like them after I try them out!

This is a North Face jacket that I got from Moosejaw and I am in love with it! It is amazingly soft, but still very light weight.
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Book Babble

Ever heard of Audrey Hepburn? I sure hope so! She is no doubt my idol and role model for fashion, beauty, and for just being such a great person. For my birthday (which was the 21st if you were wondering. I am no longer 15, but 16 years old!!! And this is my very first post as a 16 yr. old) my best friend bought me this amazing book from Anthropologie about Audrey Hepburn and that is what inspired me to tell you guys all about it AND my two other books.

Audrey:A Life In Pictures is a picture book showing the highlights of Audrey's life through beautiful photography.  The picture on the left  is one of my fav pictures of her! I'm pretty sure it was taken during the movie Sabrina.

How To Be Lovely is different than the other book because it is an actual book with chapters that focus on different tips Audrey gives. It is so inspiring!

Just Being Audrey is the book that my friend bought me and I like it so much because it has almost a fictional feel too it because it is written about her life, but as an actual story. It has amazing illustrations and really sums up Audrey's life in a nutshell!
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My Questions & Answers #1

On my YouTube channel I asked my viewers to ask me questions for a Q&A video! Thankfully I got lots of positive feedback as well as lots of great questions! The questions are a mix of random, fashion, and beauty. If you are interested in watching that video and finding out more about me, then click on the video down below and enjoy!

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What's in my Purse?? 2013

Today I am going to share with you guys what is in my purse! I did the same thing on my YouTube channel, so if your are interested in that then click HERE. I went into a bit more detail in the video, so make sure you check it out!

This is my purse! I know you can't actually see it, but it has a long cross-body strap which I absolutely love because it  makes it so much easier to carry around!
This is the back.
This purse actually has 11 pockets! All those pockets make it so much easier to store all of my things and to help keep it organized.
Obviously you can tell what the Burt's Bees lip balm is, but the other odd sphere shaped thing is actually a lip balm! I will admit it is not my favorite, but it tastes like vanilla:)
These are my new Polaroid ear buds that I received for Christmas and they are a necessity for my everyday life! 
This is my non-smart phone, which I believe is the new smart phone.
Altoids are some of my favorite minty candies and the adorable  owl is my iPod!
This is pretty self explanatory... YUM!
In the back, button pocket I have my Kleenex and a pair of my sunglasses!
This is my wallet and change purse! My change purse is pretty much my on-the-go wallet.
Inside my change purse I have my temps, my Love & Toast lip balm, some spare contacts and a nickel!
As you can see the inside of my wallet has adorable pink and white polka dots!
Finally we have my keys!
Hope you enjoyed! If you like the cute popsicle pattern in the background, then click HERE to find out what it actually is and how to make it!

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