Mini Haul

This weekend my skating team had a competition up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I had a blast with my friends and we skated really well! Like I said in my last post, my birthday was on the 21st and my friends birthday was on the 17th, so at this competition we did a little gift exchange and gave each other our birthday presents! I am going to go ahead and show you guys those right now:

Pale blue, statement necklace from Forever 21!

Cute, little charm necklace from Forever 21!

Forever 21 polish in the color, Coral!
After the competition was over, my mom and I drove over to Ann Arbor, Michigan and had a great time! We stayed at the cutest Bed & Breakfast called Burnt Toast Inn, ate dinner at a fantastic Italian restaurant, as well as went shopping! We went to a few stores and I will show you what we bought now:
I got my first Butter London polishes!! I purchased it at a shop called, Lily Grace and one of the employees, Madeline, helped me pick out these two beautiful colors in the shades Union Jack Black and Knackered. Madeline told me that if I layer the silvery one on top of the black my nails will turn out with a lovely galaxy look. I will definitely share with you guys how much I like them after I try them out!

This is a North Face jacket that I got from Moosejaw and I am in love with it! It is amazingly soft, but still very light weight.
 Hannah xoxo


  1. I look forward to seeing your galaxy experiment.


    1. It should be up within the next couple days!

  2. Knackered looks so beautiful!

  3. Super jealous of those Butter London polishes--can't wait to see how they look on your nails! xoxo J

    1. They are absolutely gorgeous!! Love ya beb:)

  4. awww you are cute! You got some good stuff!