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Ever heard of Audrey Hepburn? I sure hope so! She is no doubt my idol and role model for fashion, beauty, and for just being such a great person. For my birthday (which was the 21st if you were wondering. I am no longer 15, but 16 years old!!! And this is my very first post as a 16 yr. old) my best friend bought me this amazing book from Anthropologie about Audrey Hepburn and that is what inspired me to tell you guys all about it AND my two other books.

Audrey:A Life In Pictures is a picture book showing the highlights of Audrey's life through beautiful photography.  The picture on the left  is one of my fav pictures of her! I'm pretty sure it was taken during the movie Sabrina.

How To Be Lovely is different than the other book because it is an actual book with chapters that focus on different tips Audrey gives. It is so inspiring!

Just Being Audrey is the book that my friend bought me and I like it so much because it has almost a fictional feel too it because it is written about her life, but as an actual story. It has amazing illustrations and really sums up Audrey's life in a nutshell!
Hannah xoxo

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  1. I love Audrey! She is beautiful!