Winter Wonderland Makeup

Here is the makeup look that I said I was going to do when I did my last post about the snow. Its pretty simple but I think it is really pretty and fun! It is inspired by the snow and the cold winter weather. Here it is!

The first thing I did was just apply a shimmer eyeshadow to my inner corners to brighten up my eyes.

Next I took a white shimmer cream shadow and applied it on my lids to act as a base for the sparkles.

I now applied cosmetic sparkles to my eyelid  using an eyeshadow brush. The sparkles represent the snow!

Then I put on a black liquid liner on my upper lash line. I like to use the liquid because it looks cleaner and more smooth.

Next I took a turquoise pencil eyeliner and applied it on my lower lash line. It represents the cold weather!

Last I took my mascara and applied it on my upper lashes and just a little on my lower lashes.

I really like this look and I hope you guys do to!

Hannah xoxo

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  1. this is really pretty! i love shimmery eye shadows! thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!