The Tonytail

So The Tonytail is something I got for Christmas and I think it is really cool! Most people can do this with their normal hair, but because my hair isn't that thick or long it is hard to do. All the tonytail is, is fake hair on a hair tie so that when you put it in it looks like you spent forever wrapping your hair around your ponytail. Here is what it looks like when you buy it:
 And this is what it looks like when you wrap it in your hair:

-You can purchase this at Sephora-

Hannah xoxo


  1. This is such a good idea!!! Love your blog!

    Gabby xx


  2. Really cool, I'll buy it for sure!

    I'm following u back honey, kiss and happy holidays!

  3. wow this is so cool!
    such a good idea
    if only they had sephora in australia...
    you have an amazing blog

  4. Hi there! This is such a cute idea and it looks great on your pony. :-) Gotta love Sephora too!
    Thanks for visiting our blog. We are now following and would love for you to follow back. Let's keep in touch!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings