My Favorite Ways To Accessorize A Sweater

 I love wearing sweaters! Especially when the weather starts getting colder. I personally think sweaters don't need much accessorizes but I do like to add a couple things that make the sweater have a little more personality. (BTW all the sweaters are from JCPenny's!)

The first sweater is one of my favorites. You cant really see in the picture but on the left shoulder it has some really nice button detailing. For accessorizes I just added an orange skinny belt that I got from JCPenny's.

The second sweater is also very cute. It's just simple stripes so I added a pink and gold necklace to add some color. I got the necklace at American Eagle.
This sweater obviously doesn't need any extra color so I didn't accessorize it that much. But, I really do LOVE the colors they remind my of a happy fall day:)

These two things I wore in all the pictures. The boots I got from JCPenny's and I love how soft they are and I love how they look like sweaters! The feather earrings are my favorite earrings because of how delicate they are but they still have a certain edge to them because they are feathers. The earrings are from American Eagle!

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful!


  1. Thanks for following! I'm so glad I discovered your blog, I love it! :D cute sweaters, they look so warm!

    Gabby <3

  2. your jumpers are adorable! and those boots look so snug! xxx

  3. cute! thanks for sharing!
    xx, Kels


  4. You have a nice blog and I'm now following you back! These outfits are sooo adorable, and I love the catchy name of your blog!!

    -Ryann B.