Pinteresting DIY: Blueberry Snack

For this weeks Pinteresting I decided to do a recipe! This is a delicious snack that is super simple to make and taste absolutely delicious! Not to mention the fact that it is super-duper healthy as well! To make this all you have to do is get a skewer or toothpick and start stabbing blueberries, then drizzle them (or dunk them) in yogurt, then freeze them! It is such a great summer time snack! If your wondering, I used plain yogurt and they tasted fantastic, but at the moment I have some blueberries in the freezer with raspberry yogurt on them. To make the raspberry yogurt, I took raspberry jam and mixed it into the plain yogurt!
Putting the yogurt on.

After they are frozen!

Eating my treat:)
   If you try this out then I hope you like it!
Hannah xoxo 

Click HERE for the original recipe!

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  1. This looks easy and delicious! We must try it out sometime. :)

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