Jewelry Haul

Today I was just sitting on my bed watching YouTube videos when my mom said, "Girls come in here and pick out some jewelry!" Of course we both went running! My mom had gone through her jewelry box and was offering to give us some jewelry that she seldom wears, so she can clean out her jewelry box. I recommend that if you are feeling the need to clean out your jewelry box, then invite some friends over with their old jewelry and swap pieces! It's a great way to get new jewelry without having to spend any money. Here are the 8 things I picked out:

Beaded bracelet

Twirly earrings

Ghost earrings

Spiral earrings
The clasp on the beaded bracelet

Sailboat bracelet

Stone necklace

The front of the stone

The back of the stone

The silver bar anklet

Clasp on the anklet

Silver shell ring

Hannah xoxo


  1. I really like that bracelet! Oh and btw, do you remember me? It's Ryann from Ryann's Runway I'm finally back from my 7 month hiatus lol. So come and check my blog out again! :)

    -Ryann B.

  2. Oh and I was referring to that nice beaded bracelet by the way.