French Braid Ponytail

Recently the weather has been unbelievably HOT. Like, 100 degrees almost every day! So I have been looking for ways to wear my hair that are cute but also keep my hair of my face and my neck. So in the end I decided to follow the braided hair trend, and french braid my hair. But, instead of doing the standard braid down the back of my head, I put my hair into a ponytail at the bottom instead. Another way I tried is putting my hair in a nice and neat ballerina bun at the bottom of the braid and that was super cute too! But unfortunately I'm having trouble recreating the bun, so today I only have pictures of what the ponytail looks like. Sorry! To add to the look a bit more, I went ahead and added one of my favorite headbands which I purchased at American Eagle. You guys will see it again soon, when I show you guys what I bought before and after my vacation I just went on, in a haul! But until then here is my french braided ponytail!

Hope you guys enjoyed!
Hannah xoxo

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